Reality-Based Treatment

Recovery Is Change. Recovery Is Progress. Recovery Is Possible.



Liberation Way’s reality-based treatment programs are designed to keep clients connected to necessary therapies while they begin to engage actively in the world: work, family, friends. Clients will reside in sober living homes while receiving their clinical therapy at one of our treatment facilities.

Traditional inpatient programs allow individuals the opportunity to stabilize but do not provide the necessary tools to address the core issues controlling their substance abuse. Liberation Way’s clients are taught to cope with life on life’s terms and make decisions based on his or her goals in order to have a higher quality of life because they are not secluded from reality.

Our multi-phased community-based treatment helps clients become productive members of the family, the community, and build positive self-esteem to motivate them when they leave our care because they are experience real-life and learning to cope with those challenges as address their underlying cause of the addiction. Our clients learn important life-skills.

Liberation way believes power community-based/ reality based treatment provide the best chance at long-term sobriety. Reality based treatment for addiction will seek to mirror environments that an addict will normally be exposed to. This combination of psychoanalytical and real-world approach has resulted in many recovery successes and shows significant promise for the long term future of drug addiction treatment.

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