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Drug addiction begins with the act of taking drugs. While the original act is voluntary, over time, a person’s ability to choose whether or not to continue taking drugs may become less voluntary and feel more like a need. The seeking out and taking of drugs and alcohol becomes a compulsive habit for many. This is caused in large part by the effects of long-term drug use on the various functions of the brain, including reward and motivation, learning and memory, and control of behavior. Addiction is a disease that affects both the brain and the behavior of the addict. While some addicts are able to break an addiction on their own, most long-term substance abusers need the help of professional treatment, including medication and support that is available at rehabilitation centers like Liberation Way in Yardley, PA.

Contrary to what many people believe, rehab in Yardley is not just for those suffering from addiction to illicit or street drugs. Liberation Way treats and helps individuals to recover from addiction to all manner of substances, including prescription medications, alcohol, and the aforementioned street drugs. Those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction often require the additional care and treatment options provided by the professionals at the Liberation Way rehab center.

If you are fighting an addiction or you’re watching a loved one abuse a substance, call Liberation Way admissions with any questions or to start the recovery process. You can reach us at (877) 636-9322.

Drug and alcohol addiction can be treated, although treatment is not often simple. Like any other chronic disease, addiction can not be treated by simply stopping the original action for a few days. In fact, most patients require long-term and recurring care in order to completely recover and get back their lives. Treatment methods for addiction available at Liberation Way in Yardley aim to help the addict stop using drugs, remain drug free, and return to being productive in a family, at work, and in society.

Just as there are several key elements that our rehab treatments aim to meet, there are several key steps that a treatment program will include. Whether for alcohol or drug addiction, treatment will begin with some form of detoxification, during which the body rids itself of the problem substance. Treatment programs will often include behavioral counseling, medication, evaluation and treatment for co-occurring mental health issues like depression or anxiety, and long-term follow ups to prevent relapse. Most drug and alcohol addicts not only require a range of care, but tailored treatment that fits their unique addictions, including opiate addiction, heroin addiction, alcoholism, and holistic addiction. Follow-up care is also crucial to long-term success. As needed, treatment will also include both medical and mental health services. Furthermore, additional follow-up care will often include community or family based recovery support systems, which will be discussed with the patient and/or his or her friends and family. To inquire about the treatment programs available at Liberation Way in Yardley, call us as soon as possible: (877) 636-9322.

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common forms of addiction that people seek rehabilitation for at Liberation Way treatment centers. As with any other drug addiction, it is a complex but treatable disease that affects both brain function and behavior. Alcoholism comes with its own problems, which result from drinking too much, too fast, or too often. These are among the most significant public health issues in the United States today. Even those who do not suffer from chronic addiction of alcohol have struggled with controlling their drinking at one time or another in their lives. According to recent studies, 17 million adults 18 and older have an alcohol problem, and 1 in every 10 children live in a home with a parent suffering from alcoholism or a drinking problem.

But no matter how severe the problem may seem, most who suffer from some level of alcoholism can benefit from the treatment options available in our Yardley rehab facility. After one year, one-third of the people treated for alcohol abuse reported no further symptoms. Even those who continue to show signs of alcohol abuse are still able to substantially reduce their drinking, which in turn leads to fewer alcohol-related incidents in their lives.

As you likely already understand, drug and alcohol addiction can affect more than just the user; it can affect family members and friends of the addict as well. In most cases of substance abuse in Yardley, our rehab facility will offer counseling and healing services to friends and family as well as our patients. Sometimes, the best way for friends and family to help a substance abuse victim is to first begin the healing process for themselves.

Some rehab treatment centers require a minimum of 28 days for treatment, although the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommends no less than 90 days. Many addicts participate in substance abuse treatment programs that last several months, resulting in lengthened periods of sobriety. The length of time that a patient spends in a rehab treatment program depends on the patient’s healing progress in most cases. Doctors and counselors also have the ability to approve a patient for early release, or request a longer stay than originally anticipated. Additionally, many rehab patients choose to continue their recovery after leaving rehab. This can be clinic visits with a doctor in order to manage physical symptoms, scheduled visits with a counselor to refine coping skills, or both. Support group meetings are another common part of treatment that patients seek following the initial rehabilitation process. Likewise, the love and support of a recovering patient’s family and friends can mean the difference between a life of sobriety and relapse. These aftercare measures are shown to improve the ability of patients to remain drug free over a longer period of time.

Still, detox is often considered the most difficult aspect of the recovery process. Nonetheless, patients in Yardley aren’t yet in the clear once they make it through a detoxification. In fact, they have only taken the first step to sobriety. The core of a recovery program begins after detox in the therapeutic portion of the treatment at Liberation Way. Both individual and group therapy are generally offered, helping recovering addicts to get to the root of the causes of their substance abuse. This helps addicts to address the issues that have led them to drug and alcohol abuse, helping them to avoid future substance abuse and relapse.

There are several key steps to any treatment program following detoxification. These steps generally start with an evaluation of the patient’s condition, including co-occurring mental health issues and the extent of the patient’s drug abuse. This is generally met with a regimen of medication that can help address the most demanding addictions, including those to help with opioid addiction and the most severe cases of alcoholism. Following treatment, most patients receive a long-term follow-up plan to prevent relapse. Send us a message through our contact form, write an email to help@liberationway.com or call us at (877) 636-9322 if you have any questions or you are ready to sign yourself or a loved one up for rehabilitation services in Yardley.

People often assume that going to our Yardley drug and alcohol rehab facility means patients have no choice but to remain in treatment until otherwise authorized to leave. This assumption is simply untrue. Rehab centers allow patients to leave at any time during their treatment if they so choose. The main reason behind this fact is that rehab is really only truly effective for patients who have a desire to change their habits and break their addiction. In instances where individuals are compelled to attend a Yardley rehab program via court order, the rehab process can still prove effective even when the patient is reluctant to change his or her ways.

We offer a number of drug treatment plans in Yardley. Regardless of whether a clients specific needs, our Yardley drug treatment clinic will help patients change their attitude towards the drugs they have become dependent on. Most drug and alcohol addiction is rooted in denial, with some even claiming that their abuse is not harmful. The best step that an addict can make is getting past this denial and becoming motivated to change their habits and behavior.

The path to recovering from drug addiction begins with the will to change. One of the best things that an addict in or near Yardley can do is to seek the proper care at our drug treatment facility in order to get the medical and emotional support he or she needs to change their lives. Addiction can affect the lives of individuals, their family members, friends, co-workers and more. Substance abuse requires a strong support base and long-term care to overcome. Visit our Yardley rehabilitation center to learn more about the path to recovering from addiction or call us at (877) 636-9322.

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