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In Collingswood, you will find Liberation Way’s corporate office.  This location is home to our networking, communications, human resources and billing departments.  No clients are treated out of Collingswood, but for those living in the south Jersey area, we have multiple locations just a short drive into Pennsylvania.

There are a variety of drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation programs available at Liberation Way for those who wish to change their behaviors and overcome their addictions. The approaches offered here provide a variety of care aspects which seek to address numerous needs along the path to recovery. Drug abuse rehab programs often offer a large array of medication and therapies for those struggling with their drug addiction and in need of professional support. These treatment programs include options for both detox and outpatient drug rehabilitation.

The first step that an addict needs to take in the rehabilitation process is an intake or assessment, generally followed by substance detoxification. During this step, a qualified Liberation Way staff member works directly with the patient to determine the extent of their addiction and come up with a drug treatment plan that will help the patient to attain their best possible chance at recovery and a normal, healthy lifestyle thereafter. This is where the rehab facility staff will begin creating a recovery regimen for the patient, which can include various medications for withdrawal and individual and group therapy sessions, as well as goal setting.

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In recent years, treatment facilities, also known as rehabs, have undergone changes that have allowed them to provide an environment that is friendlier and less hospital-like for their patients. Treatment options like those available at the Liberation Way private drug abuse facility are chosen depending on the particular patient and his or her specific addiction and emotional state.

In addition to offering drug abuse treatment with supportive housing options, we also have several levels of outpatient programs available for those suffering from substance abuse, which can vary in terms of length of treatment and intensity. Some outpatient treatments are daily, lasting for several hours. Others meet only a few times or once per week. Outpatient treatment programs are generally preferred by most people, as they allow the patient to remain at home while still receiving the necessary care and monitoring they need to recover. While those in outpatient treatment programs can still attend school or maintain a regular work schedule, they are still faced with daily struggles and people that can trigger substance abuse, unlike those in residential treatment facilities that live in a controlled environment.

Determining the level of care or intensity received at Liberation Way begins with determining the level of drug abuse or alcohol abuse in the individual. Those who suffer from the daily struggles of addiction or those who are involved in criminal behavior because of their addiction will often find better treatment in our facilities than the alternative of landing in prison. Those who do not participate in criminal behavior or those with less demanding addictions are often fine with general outpatient treatment options. Such individuals are generally able to hold down a job, maintain relationship, and perform normal behaviors on a daily basis despite their addiction. One of the first questions that an individual should ask when determining whether they or someone close to them needs drug abuse rehab treatment is whether or not their drug abuse and coinciding behaviors are out of control.

Such individuals that are in dire need of substance abuse treatment are not able to control their use of prescription drugs and/or illicit drugs. In many cases, individuals with a chronic drug abuse problem will go to great lengths in order to hide their addiction. An individual suffering from severe drug abuse may also exhibit any number of symptoms, depending on the depth of their addiction and the drugs they take. These can include glassy or red eyes, mood swings, irritability, isolation from friends and family, sudden behavioral changes, a lack of personal grooming or hygiene, a runny nose, lack of interest in otherwise favorite activities, changes in sleeping patterns, or many more.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends that any form of drug addiction treatment, whether residential or outpatient, lasts a minimum of 90 days. Many studies indicate that shorter treatment lengths allow for limited effectiveness, although this is not always the case for every individual. Longer treatment periods might seem daunting up front, but the payoff can be exponentially greater. Among those who remain sober for at least two years following a rehab treatment, almost 90% are able to stay sober for at least another decade, reports the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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Still, the ongoing support and aftercare at Liberation Way are essential to sustained recovery over a period of years. Many patients of substance abuse return to their previous behavior soon after leaving a treatment facility, especially when there is no continued support offered. The Liberation Way drug abuse rehab treatment centers in the Philadelphia region, not far from Collingswood provides robust aftercare including a strong alumni program. Rehab alumni are often encouraged to get involved in their recovery community and participate in 12 step meetings or reside in sober living homes in order to further their journey away from addiction and substance abuse. These steps give recovering addicts a powerful support community they can turn to when faced with a potential relapse.

It is important to know what to look for when choosing the best possible area rehab for you or your loved one. You can find out which programs and services we offer by visiting or calling us. It is also important to consider how you would like to approach aftercare options, which can help to increase the chances of long-term success. Whether you or a loved one is suffering from opioid addiction, cocaine addiction, alcoholism, or other forms of drug addiction, it is imperative that you enroll in a plan that meets all of your needs in order to have the best chance of recovery. Visit the corporate office in Collingswood or any of our Philadelphia area Liberation Way treatment facilities to learn more about detoxification and outpatient options, treatment methods, and continued care options following rehabilitation. To discuss admitting you or a loved one, call us at (877) 636-9322, use our contact form or send us an email at