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Liberation Way Has Certified Interventionists to Help Families and Addicts Find Recovery


Our certified intervention specialists understand the complex nature of this type of interaction. Our experienced interventionists prepared to help you organize and perform an effective intercession. We have access to interventionists nationwide that can help you with placing your loved one into an appropriate addiction treatment facility.

An intervention can be a highly charged emotional meeting. The process helps clients feel the pain loved ones are experiencing because of addiction. A structured, organized controlled conversation can reveal how the drug and alcohol use has impacted everyone’s life. There is a great power in this non-confrontational approach that must be driven by love and honesty. The certified interventionist helps control everyone’s emotions and that enables the client to agree to treatment. That is the goal of an intervention. One of our qualified specialists in addiction interventions can find help for your loved one.


When to choose to hold an intervention?

Many drug addicts and alcoholics, trapped in denial, find admitting that they are powerless over their addiction extraordinarily difficult. If your loved one is struggling to face an overwhelming addiction, you may feel powerless when it comes to helping them. You’re not alone. It’s important not to panic and confront your loved one by yourself. Staging an intervention for an alcoholic or drug addict is a delicate matter. If you’ve tried talking gently to someone about their substance abuse behavior, and he or she is in denial, it may be time to stage an intervention.

Substance abuse problems don’t go away on their own. They escalate, sometimes quickly, until the person is in the hospital, or worse. That’s a scary thought, but it’s the truth. An intervention may save a life. If someone you love isn’t listening to reason, and their substance abuse just seems to be getting worse, it may be time to schedule an intervention.



Why choose Liberation Way for your intervention?

Our interventionists have the knowledge and experience to stage a successful intervention.  It is important to not do or say the wrong things that will further alienate your loved ones, or increase their resistance to get help, we only use certified, trained and experienced interventionists, many of which are in long-term recovery themselves and can relate to the struggle he or she is going through.

It is not often that after an intervention, the person still refuses treatment.  We believe our success rate is attributed to the skills of our interventionists, the planning that we put into creating an impactful intervention, and how closely we work with the family to have everyone create an individualized and meaningful meeting.  We also believe that Liberation Way’s treatment facility and clinicians exceed the expectations of our clients with our multi-phased, evidence based holistic approach to treatment.   We believe that every intervention can be a successful one.  Even if your loved on refuses to accept treatment, we believe that our intervention was still able to plant a seed in their minds, and better their chances at accepting help in the near future.


What will an intervention cost?

We do not charge for an intervention. Liberation Way understand how crucial it is to get your loved one into a quality treatment program, and we do not want the cost of an intervention to be a barrier to getting him or her the help they need.



An intervention is only the first step to recovery.  After your loved one enters treatment, it is important for the family to stay connected to our team at Liberation Way and participate in our family program which provides support and education for families of those suffering with addiction.  Liberation Way will support your loved one as he or she works through all phases of treatment and recovery including: Detox, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatients treatment, general outpatient treatment and aftercare.

Liberation Way believes that it is crucial for loved ones to learning how to cope with outside-world stressors without alcohol and drugs, and our outpatient programs will provide the environment to adjust to living a normal life while still receiving the support of individualized treatment.

Contact us today to learn how our drug and alcohol interventionists can help your loved one begin a path to a sober lifestyle. Call 844.613.0990  or email our team at


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