Intensive Outpatient Program

Recovery Is Change. Recovery Is Progress. Recovery Is Possible.

As clients “step down,” they continue to progress through treatment. Following Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), a client will advance to Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). The number of hours and days a client needs to receive treatment is reduced as his or her ability to engage the world without drugs and alcohol is strengthened. With renewed ability to engage the world without drugs or alcohol, a client will receive less treatment hours and more time to implement the developed recovery skills and process their experiences in a safe environment.  This process creates the basic conditions for the establishment of a substance-free life. Liberation Way’s reality-based treatment programs are designed to keep clients connected to necessary therapies while they begin to engage actively in the world: work, family, friends.

This phase of treatment provides clients with three-hour group therapy three days a week (or three evenings to fit work schedules) and usually includes a private therapy session. Family education or therapy will occur as well. Client progress determines length of time in each phase (as approved by insurance, if not using private pay.)

The focus in IOP emphasizes personal perspectives, impulse control, family dynamics, relapse prevention, and spiritual growth that includes attendance at 12 Step Recovery Programs. Clients continue to rebuild their lives, apply life skills and relapse prevention tools as they continue to work or get work, enroll in school and assume more family responsibilities.

Continued support is provided through groups, individual counseling, peer support, and healthy recreational activities.