Client Portal

Welcome to Liberation Way’s Client Portal. The portal is a secured system for submitting information electronically. Our client portal will be the communication hub for clients, and their loved ones. You will be able to submit payment information for prescription co-pays, and take a satisfaction survey. In the future we plan to roll out additional services which include a messaging service where you can communicate directly with our therapists.

Liberation Way takes our client’s privacy very serious. We abide by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws, which require data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. In addition to meeting the requirements of the law, we have added additional levels of security to ensure that our clients identity, personal and medical information remain private unless we have written permission to share it with the loved one requesting access. To achieve this, we have a 2-step registration process you will need to complete.

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If you are a first-time user of the client portal please use to registration form link below. If you can provide proper information and are on the client’s HIPAA release you will receive an email response within 24 hours. That email will contain a unique client ID code which you will need to use to identify the client on the submission forms. If you are not on the approved list, or if the client is not registered with us, we cannot contact you back with an identification number, nor can we confirm or deny his or her presence in our program.

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Notice of Privacy Practices