Alumni Program

At Liberation Way we believe in a reality-based treatment model.  Throughout treatment, clients are able to engage with their lives outside of treatment in a controlled environment so that when they leave they have already integrated their recovery into their everyday lives.  However, recovery from the disease of addiction and alcoholism does not end when the client leaves treatment.  In fact, the journey is just beginning!


The Next Step in the Journey

At Liberation Way we understand that recovery from the disease of addiction does not end when we leave treatment.  Rehab is the first step in a lifelong journey of recovery and personal growth.  While treatment always is the top priority of our program, Liberation Way believes that fostering the connections that our clients make with each other and the people in our program is of vital importance to success in the long term.


Helping you build your life in recovery

Through our individualized Reality-Based Treatment model our clients learn to build on their strengths and to identify and address areas of improvement.  Through this process, our clients are able to develop healthy sober support systems inside and outside of the treatment setting.  When it is time to leave the Liberation Way program, we work hand in hand with our clients on an Aftercare Plan that puts them in the best position to successfully reintegrate back into their lives outside a treatment setting.


Growing together

Our Alumni program is a way for our clients to build off of their successes in treatment and bridge the gap to a happy and fulfilled life in recovery.  We have parties and events with fun and fellowship, we connect people to medical and social resources outside of our walls and in each person’s community, we offer volunteer opportunities to give back and give purpose and we are able to aide in professional development with employment and educational resources.  


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How does an Alumni Program help you on that journey?

  •  Sober Support: Finding positive sober support is an integral part of long-term sobriety and the Liberation Way Alumni Program was created to provide that.  Everybody knows that to stay clean and sober outside of treatment it is important to change our people, places, and things and to learn accountability.  
  • Stay Connected to other Liberation Way alumni and people in the recovery community committed to long-term sobriety and positive change in their lives.  
  • A Helping Hand: Alumni coordinators maintain contact throughout early sobriety and keep open lines of communication to connect people to employment resources, community events and the recovery community at large.  If there is a relapse back into drug and alcohol use these coordinators also help connect our alumni to treatment resources.
  • Success in Recovery looks different for everybody and it is always our goal to put people in the best position to attain it. In our addiction, we lacked purpose and usefulness so in recovery, it is important to create purpose and become productive and useful members of our families and the society in which we live.
    • Finding Resources: We work hand in hand with organizations to connect people to social and financial resources in the surrounding recovery community.  
    • Volunteer Opportunities that provide purpose and usefulness to the community around the individual while helping to foster and grow professional skills and resources.  
    • Family Support: We work with the families of our alumni to answer any questions that they may have to increase accountability and connect them with recovery resources.
    • Fun in Recovery: We didn’t get clean and sober to lead boring lives so it is important to have fun in recovery.  



Liberation Way’s Alumni Program 

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