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Alternative to Incarceration Program

Our Alternative to Incarceration Program (ATIP) provides individuals with the opportunity to receive drug and alcohol treatment services as a potential alternative to incarceration. Liberation Way understands that addiction can lead to legal consequences. We do not provide legal counsel but will work with an individual and his or her criminal defense attorney to provide an assessment and treatment plan. We will act as an advocate in the courts. Every person is different, and it is our goal to provide a personalized plan to achieve recovery and become a productive member of the community.


Drug Abuse FactsLiberation Way’s Court Liaison will work with the patient and their counsel regarding any pending legal charges, violations of probation, or court-ordered treatment rulings every step of the way.  ATIP is becoming a more effective means of responding to crimes committed by people with alcohol and substance abuse issues and often co-occurring mental health disorders. The goal of a jail diversion program is to provide an effective way to prepare people for a return to society while addressing the issues that led to the criminal activity

An individual with pending legal concerns, violations of probation, or court-ordered treatment will work directly with our Court Liaison. He or she will be given an assessment and offered provided transportation to and from court dates, attorney appointments, and probation meetings.

  • Drug & Alcohol Assessments
  • Court Advocacy
  • Recovery Planning
  • Transparency with Criminal Justice System
  • Support legal defense
  • Life skills
  • Documentation of progress & completion
  • Section 17 Pretrial intervention
  • Mental Health Evaluations



Call and ask to speak with our Court Liaison today for more information. Additional costs may apply.