Recovery Is Change. Recovery Is Progress. Recovery Is Possible.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, Liberation Way can help. Often, there is fear, shame, and guilt associated with your addiction, but it is important to know that you or your loved one are not alone. Rehabilitation is possible, and addiction recovery treatment does work.  It can be a scary thing to talk about addiction and treatment, but Liberation Way’s admission process is made easier because each person involved will be supported every step of the way.

When you call, a series of questions will be asked to determine which treatment best suits you or your loved one’s needs

  • What substances have been used
  • How long has each substance have been used
  • Have you or your loved one been through detox before
  • Past treatment
  • Psychosocial factors (education, employment, residential information, etc.)
  • Mental health conditions, if any
  • Medical conditions

Our trained substance abuse admissions specialist will also ask about any insurance that may be available and all insurance information related to you or your loved one’s policy. Often the cost of treatment is a barrier to getting the help someone needs, but several options may be available to you. When you call, our admissions specialty will discuss your options.

We accept:

Insurance and Co-pay
Private Pay

All information will be kept strictly confidential!