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Recovery Is Change. Recovery Is Progress. Recovery Is Possible.


Liberation Way is a licensed and Joint Commission accredited drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility. Liberation Way’s reality-based treatment model utilizes a holistic model of care that is evidence-based and deeply rooted in modern science, allowing the patient the ability to grow during treatment. Liberation Way offers a multi-phased treatment system that encourages, supports, and challenges participants as they progress through the full continuum of care.

No two individuals are alike, which is why Liberation Way seeks to provide personalized treatment plans which are designed to address the specific and different needs of each client. For you and your loved one to maximize the benefits of our program, we offer support services to family members and a strong aftercare program. Our program emphasizes peer support and an active alumni program.

Liberation Way’s ability to ensure a continuum of care reduces the chances of relapse immediately following detox. We believe that treatment helps to bring the person suffering from addiction back to health and clears the mind for rational thinking while offering the environment to learn how to live a productive, healthy, fulfilling life.


Mission- Liberation Way Defined

Liberation Way is a reality-based treatment program that provides
an innovative and personal approach to drug and alcohol treatment
through a philosophy of care that assists individuals to develop new life skills
and coping skills necessary to be productive members of society


Core Values

To see the potential in each individual in our program,
Create Sight beyond treatment, that if a person is willing to enter
treatment they are able to be treated.

Creating unique programming that incorporates science and evidenced
based practices, leader in drug and alcohol treatment, progressive in both
care and philosophy.

Recognizing that no 2 individuals are alike, meeting everyone right
where they are so we can treat the Individual not NUMBERS on a screen.


Liberation Way’s Mission & Vision



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We can help stop the addiction, the pain, and the despair. Call now and find out how you or your loved one can find long-term recovery.